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When all else fails, ZOLDY takes control.

The pocket security platform for
Confidential Information Holders

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Power in your Pocket.

You’re holding sensitive, confidential information that could land you in a lot of trouble.

Maybe you’re worried it will fall into the wrong hands. Maybe you’re frightened for your life.

You want to protect yourself. More than that, you need a guarantee that if you disappear, people you trust will receive the information straight away.

With the ZOLDY app, that power is at your fingertips – literally.

ZOLDY in the spotlight.

For journalists, politicians, whistleblowers and anyone whose inside knowledge potentially places them in danger.

A unique, self-contained system that operates from your handset alone, thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Dependable, automated, ad-free service that’s easy to download, set up and operate. No username or password needed.

Designed by one of Europe’s leading conflict-resolution specialists to cover every threat situation imaginable.

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Simple. Secure. Effective.

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