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What is Zoldy?.

Zoldy is a technological tool that provides capabilities to protect any Confidential Information and its Holders, a real offensive defense concept. Tell Zoldy exactly how you want it to operate on your behalf while keeping your confidential information, if all else fails, Zoldy takes control and delivers it to its predefined recipients along with individualized messages.

What objective does Zoldy have?.

Support the Holders of Confidential Information in a situation of risk, threat or danger due to the possession of that information. Doing so opens up a tremendously varied range of possibilities for use.

Zoldy, the concept.

In a conflict with an obvious imbalance between forces Zoldy can be decisive to counteract and compensate for the situation.

Do I need internet access to use Zoldy?.

Yes, you need it. Zoldy depends on your device internet connection. Be sure you have one or, at least, that you will have access to internet easily. See the service page.


What if I run out of battery?.

If you run out of battery while you have your Zoldy Notifications Service activated you will not be able of replying back to those notifications, so if you do not reply them back for 3 consecutive times your Zoldy will run your settings.

Tip: Stop Notifications Service till you find a way to recharge your device, as soon as you get one reactivate it.

Can I get more service time?.

Yes, you can. There is a button specifically to add time once you have a Zoldy active, when getting more time of service it will be added to the existing one.

What is the Notifications Service?.

Select how often you want your Zoldy to contact you via notifications. If you fail to reply 3 consecutive Notifications, Zoldy reacts by running your settings. This is another another level of security for both, your Confidential Information and for yourself.

Forced to access my Zoldy settings?.

If this happens you should take into account the scope of the situation. It is right here where the Panic Password comes into play, if you access your settings with it they will be run in the background. It is up to you to set it up, and ultimately to use it.

Tip: Nobody will know, unless you tell so, that you are entering your Zoldy settings with the Panic Pass.

What if I forgot the Pass to Settings?.

If you forgot the Pass to Settings, Zoldy will not be able of helping you to access the settings you protected. If Notifications Service was activated you can reply them back till the time runs out.

What is the Negotiator screen for?.

This screen was developed to give you options of negotiating and reacting under severe circumstances or direct threats. If you tap anywhere in the screen out of the back button area Zoldy will run your settings right at the moment you tap this screen, no way back. Be extra careful with it.


Without humans, what control Zoldy?.

Zoldy is controlled by machines without any human intervention, no one but you can access your Zoldy and that is the reason why you are encouraged to fully understand the operation of Zoldy.

Are Zoldy transmissions encrypted?.

Yes, they are encrypted. That way your communication to your Zoldy keeps private. In fact, files, messages, emails are encrypted too.

Files, messages, emails.

They are secure. Zoldy uses a secure storage service for big volumes of data. Your files are maintained as long as the service last, if the emails were sent then files are kept for 15 days for the email recipients to download them, after that time they are deleted automatically with all the information about the service, including messages, files and emails. If emails are not sent everything is deleted as soon as the service ends.


Payments are secure.

Zoldy does not process or keep any payment information. Payments are done exclusively through the Google Pay (Android) or Apple Pay (iOS) platforms, Zoldy receives an affirmative response from them when a client made a payment and the service is started automatically.

Are taxes included in the prices?.

Yes, taxes are included in the prices you see.

When do I pay for the service?.

After installing Zoldy you will see the prices directly in the app, you just have to select the one you need and at that moment the payment processor, Apple Pay or Google Pay, will ask you for acceptance and confirmation, when Zoldy receives a positive response the service starts with the selected time.

Automatic recurring payment?.

It is not possible to set an automatic recurring payment, use Zoldy on the fly. If you need to extend your Zoldy time of service you have to do it manually once your Zoldy is working, tapping the "Add Time" button. The time of service has a limit of 90 days.


Your data, collection and use.

See the Zoldy Privacy Policy to know in detail about your data and how they are collected, processed, used and deleted it. Check how clean and straight the process is to keep your Confidential Information files, messages and emails in a completely private environment.

I have no user name or password.

Yes, that is correct because you do not need them. Zoldy uses other technologies to log your smartphone in and give you the service you acquired. Have a look to the Service Benefits.


I have received a Zoldy message.

You should already know the sender. A client has 5 email recipients to send their Confidential Information files and messages.

Is this an email list?.

No, it is not. No need to unsubscribe from anything, this email is sent only once and automatically deleted it once they service has finished.

Can I download the files in my email?.

Yes. They will be available for 15 days, after that time they will be automatically deleted.

Important: Zoldy does not read or scan these files only keep and link them for you so, please, scan them before opening for any bad, Zoldy does not take any responsability.

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