Zoldy Services

Simple. Secure. Effective.

Service Pricing.

Zoldy works as a service, available for 30 days, 7 days or 1 day.

30 Days


Forget about time. 30 days with Zoldy.

7 Days


Zoldy up and running for a few days.

1 Day


Predictable moments. Zoldy for the occasion.

Zoldy employs the official Apple Pay and Google Pay channels as payment processors, it does not access or store payment information.

Prices include taxes and are converted into your currency through these same official channels.

Zoldy functionalities and setup are exactly the same no matter the time of service selected.

Extend your Zoldy up to 90 days while in use. Use Zoldy on the fly.

Find out Zoldy.

Access the service.

  • Add files, emails and messages.

    Compose messages and attach files separately to each email recipient, 5 available.

  • Set Zoldy up to act on your behalf.

    Activate and deactivate different protection options even for really complex situations.

  • Access the Negotiator mode at a tap.

    Instant options of protecting, negotiating and reacting under severe circumstances or direct threats.

  • Activate the Notifications Service.

    If you do not reply them back 3 consecutive times Zoldy runs your setup, sending messages and attached files to the defined email recipients.

Service details

Control your Zoldy.

  • Control your Confidential Information.

    Who receives what, if all else fails with individual messages for each email recipient.

  • Improve hugely your reaction ability.

    Even if you become unresponsive you can trust Zoldy to run your setup. This is one of the Notifications Service purposes.

  • Add security levels when you require it.

    Set different levels of security for your Confidential Information and for yourself.

  • Create alternatives, generate options.

    Zoldy put in your hands unique tools if you face unexpected situations or the situation becomes severe with direct threats. Activate Zoldy and create alternatives and options instantly.

App peculiarities

Free Install, Ready If Need It.

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