Zoldy, the service

Securing Confidential Information

We know the problem.

We know holding Confidential Information may become stressful even sometimes dangerous.
Where to secure it? How to do it? Who will take care of it if all else fails? Should I trust?.

Important documents, videos, audios, passwords to access different accounts, confidentiality and the ability to keep information under control becomes essential in a wide range of situations.

Zoldy was exclusively developed for these situations and it goes far beyond from providing you with a layer of security, Zoldy put in your hands unique tools if the situation becomes severe and you are under a direct threat because of your Confidential Information.

Service Benefits.

Add a layer of security to your Confidential Information.

Control your Information.

Control your Confidential Information, who receives it if all else fails. Messages and files independently.

Zoldy gives you control and control provides reaction capacity.

Improve Reaction Ability.

Zoldy is fully loaded with options to improve your reaction ability, even if you become unresponsive.

The more control you have the more reaction capacity.

Add Security Levels.

With Zoldy you can set different levels of security for your Confidential Information and for yourself.

More responsiveness to the unexpected means greater security.

Create Alternatives.

Alternatives at any time, we know how important they are when handling Confidential Information.

Control, reaction ability and security lead to options.

Zoldy effect on a person, showing the transition from worried to confident.
Can you see the Zoldy effect?

Privacy and Reliability.

Zoldy works with devices not users, so no registration is required, not even your email.

Zoldy uses your device as a controller.

Easy Access. Quick Setup

You can set your Zoldy up and use it in no time. See below.

Simplified service for super fast setup.

In a hurry?. Quick setup.

The fastest way to set your Zoldy up and use it once you have service time available.

1 Tap Settings.

Upload your Confidential files (1 GB available), this is optional.

Set at least 1 email up, 5 email recipients available.
No time to write?, record a voice/video message and upload it.



2 Tap Negotiator.

Access the Negotiator Mode.



3 Negotiator Mode.

The Negotiator Mode gives you options of negotiating and reacting under severe circumstances or direct threats because of your Confidential Information.

To run your setup directly tap anywhere in the flashing red/orange area of the screen. Use the Go Back button to stop the Negotiator Mode.



Negotiator Mode

4 Results.

If you touch the Negotiator screen then:

  • 1 - Zoldy will instantly send the messages and files to the email recipients you defined. No way back nor way to stop it.
  • 2 - The service ends.
  • 3 - After 15 days all information (files, messages, emails) is automatically deleted, email recipients have that time to download the attached files.

All Service Options.

Zoldy was created by people who know the problem, have a look at the options included in the service.

Protect Settings access.

Add additional levels of security. Enable or disable as required.

Secure Settings screen.

Set a password to access and protect your Settings and therefore your Confidential Information. Any access attempt will require this password. Zoldy will not be able of helping you if you lose or forget this password.

Protect Zoldy settings area

Panic Password Setting.

This feature was developed to react under a direct threat. If you set it up and access your Settings with this password your Zoldy will know that you are under troubles and will run your settings in the background, sending emails and files and ending the service.

Panic password settings

Notifications Service.

Select how often you want your Zoldy to contact you via notifications. If you do not reply back to 3 consecutive notifications Zoldy reacts by sending your messages and files to the defined email recipients.

Notifications frequency.

According to the time of service the frequency ranges may vary. Tell your Zoldy the frequency you want.

Note: Zoldy uses 3 numbered Notifications, 1, 2 and 3, that way you always know which one you are receiving. Each of your replies restarts the Notification counter so that when you reply one Notification the next one you receive will always be Notification 1.

Dismissing one or more notifications will make them unrecoverable, restart the Notification Service at any time.

Example: activating the service at a frequency of 15 minutes, time starts counting and you will receive:

  • Notification 1: in 15 minutes,
  • Notification 2: in 30 minutes and
  • Notificacion 3: in 45 minutes. You have 15 minutes to reply back to this Notification 3 before Zoldy runs your setup. Total time is 60 minutes. It works the same at any frequency.

Activate Notifications.

Tap ACTIVATE button to start the Notifications Service. Tap STOP to stop the service.


If you do not reply back to 3 consecutive notifications, Zoldy reacts by running your setup.

Just tap a Zoldy Notification to reply back.

One more example: activating the service at a frequency of 1 hour, time starts counting and you will receive:

  • Notification 1: in 1 hour,
  • Notification 2: in 2 hours and
  • Notification 3: in 3 hours. You have 1 hour to reply back to this Notification 3 before Zoldy runs your setup. It works the same at any frequency.

Validate Notifications.

Set a password to validate your Notifications. Go even further in security and protection.

Protect your Notifications.

To validated your Notifications set a password to be prompted in them. Tap Pass in Notifications to set it, tap it again when enabled to stop this feature.

Set Password.

Set the password to validate Notifications. When prompted, input your password in your Notification to validate it.

If password fails, Notification fails and with 3 consecutive Notifications failing your Zoldy will run your setup. You can retype a password more than once when propmted, in case of mistakes.

Ending the service.

The cases and what happens with your data.

Time of service Expired.

When the time of service expires your Zoldy app turns back to initial screen. All data is automatically deleted as soon as the service ends, emails, messages and files.

Extra: if you need to extend your time, use the Add Time button, up to 90 days.

Not reply to 3 consecutive notifications.

If you have the Notifications Service activated and you stop replying for 3 consecutive times Zoldy runs your setup, sending messages and files to your defined recipients, and ends the service, turning back to initial screen.

Touched the Negotiator Screen.

If you need Zoldy to react instantly tap any area of this screen out of the go back button to execute your setup. Remember this action ends the service sending messages and files to your defined recipients.

Note: To go back tap the go back button.

Input your Panic Password .

Using this feature your Zoldy will execute your setup in the background, sending messages and your Confidential Information files to the recipients you defined and ending the service. You will still be able of viewing the settings screen with this option turned off, this way only you know what happened but no changes will be allowed since Zoldy has already run your setup.

Extra: Next time you open the app it will show the initial screen, this also happens when the time has expired, if this helps.

Uninstalling Zoldy .

With time of service.

If you uninstall Zoldy and you still have service time left, you will no longer be able to control your Zoldy and the service will be automatically canceled for you. When the service time expires Zoldy will automatically delete all your data, emails, messages and files.

With time and Notifications.

Uninstalling Zoldy with the Notification Service enabled will make it impossible to reply to them, so your Zoldy will run its settings when 3 consecutive Notifications have not been responded, sending messages and files to the email recipients you defined even if the application is uninstalled.

This is to prevent a Client from being forced to uninstall Zoldy in an attempt to stop it.

Free Install, Ready If Need It.

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