Keeping you safe

How ZOLDY works

We understand the risks.

Hanging on to sensitive information can be stressful. Sometimes, even dangerous.
Where should you keep it? Who can you trust? What do you do in an emergency?.

This is where Zoldy comes into its own. Our exclusive app, designed with world-class security principles in mind, has one overriding priority: to keep you out of harm’s way.

Whether you’re holding vital documents, videos, audio files or passwords, Zoldy will give you the upper hand.

Its unique tools act as your personal shield, providing a critical extra layer of security when threats to your welfare are mounting.

Designed with you in mind.

Your safety is paramount with ZOLDY.

Zoldy effect on a person, showing the transition from worried to confident.
Worried that you’re be in danger? Zoldy delivers vital reassurance.

You´re in charge.

Manage your files individually and decide who’ll receive them in an emergency.

No registration needed. Not even your email.

Easy Access. Quick Setup

Zoldy is packed with options so you’re always in control, even when incapacitated.

Add security levels and generate alternatives.

In a hurry?.

Here´s the quickest way to set up your ZOLDY .

1 Tap Settings.

Upload your confidential files, maximum 1GB (optional).

Enter the address of at least 1 email recipient, or as many as 5.

If you’ve no time to write a message, then record and upload a voice or video message instead.



2 Tap Negotiator.

Access the Negotiator Mode.



3 Negotiator Mode.

It empowers you to negotiate and react under extreme pressure.

To run your setup directly tap anywhere in the flashing red/orange area of the screen. Use the Go Back button to stop the Negotiator Mode.

Tapping the flashing red/orange area runs your settings – that is, sends your files to your email recipients.

Running your settings ends the Zoldy service, leaving 15 days for recipients to download any attachments you’ve sent.

If the atmosphere calms down, tapping the Go Back button closes the Negotiator Mode.



Negotiator Mode

Special features.

We’ve got every situation covered.

Protect Settings.

Passwords add further levels of security.

Secure Settings.

Set a standard password to access your settings and information.

Protect Zoldy settings area

Panic Password Setting.

Entering a Panic Password you’ve already set in advance will let Zoldy know you’re under a direct threat without alerting your antagonist. It will then run your settings in the background, sending emails and files to your trusted contacts and ending the service.

Panic password settings

Notifications Service.

If ZOLDY thinks you’re unsafe, it swings into action on cue.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

From a dropdown list, choose how often you want notifications sent to you.

As an example, let’s say you choose a frequency of 15 minutes.

Notification 1 arrives after 15 minutes.

If you reply to it, the next message will also be called Notification 1.

If you don’t reply, however, you’ll get Notification 2 at the 30-minute mark and Notification 3 after a total of 45 minutes.

If you still haven’t responded when 60 minutes have elapsed, ZOLDY will run your settings.

Tapping a Notification counts as a reply.

To add a level of security, you can also validate your Notifications with a password. (To set this password, use the Pass in notifications setting and press ACTIVATE.)

Keeping information secure.

ZOLDY uses encrypted communication when transmitting any type of data.

Doing things right.

Emails, messages and files are stored encrypted.

Access is restricted to the user only.

When a recipient downloads a file, it remains encrypted until it is received.

When the service ends, all your data is automatically deleted.

See the app privacy statement for more details.

ZOLDY - securing your data

Ending the service.

What happens to your data?.

The service expired.

When your allotted time runs out, all your data is deleted. Using the Add Time button lets you extend the service up to 90 days.

Notifications went unanswered.

If you’ve activated the Notifications Service and failed to reply to 3 Notifications consecutively, ZOLDY sends your files to your specified recipients and ends the service.

You touched the Negotiator Screen.

If you touch the flashing red/orange area, ZOLDY sends your files to your chosen recipients and ends the service.

You used the Panic Password .

ZOLDY sends your files to your chosen recipients and ends the service – but does so in the background, so that only you are aware of it. Next time you open the app, it will show the initial screen, just as it would if the time you’d bought had expired.

Uninstalling Zoldy .

With service time left.

Uninstalling ZOLDY from your device while you still have service time left automatically cancels the service. You will no longer be able to control your ZOLDY and when the service time expires, all your data, emails, messages and files will be deleted.

With Notifications running.

Uninstalling ZOLDY while using the Notifications Service makes it impossible to reply to them. As a result, ZOLDY will send your data to your email recipients.

This is so that if someone tries to sabotage ZOLDY by forcing you to uninstall it, the confidential information will be sent regardless.

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